Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This IsThe kind of hope and change I like.

Van Jones may be gone, but there are still a lot of question lest to be answered.
I'm bothered by a couple of questions...first, isn't it amazing that this issue came up over a long 3-day weekend? Hmmmmmm....trying to slide under the radar? Who is vetting these nominees? Why hasn't the O-man spoken to the public about failures in his appointments? Heaven knows he gets on his soapbox for everything else. How many additional jobs is Obama going to create to run his shadow government? When is congress going to wake, smell the coffee and put an end to it all?
All the CZARS of President Obama "the transparent one" should RESIGN or be TERMINATED.President Obama needs to run HIS administration with the same Departments and employees (who are vetted and checked) as all other administrations. We do not want these socialist/communist czars who are street thugs from Chicago or somewhere else. Good riddance to Van Jones! Who's next?
Obama no longer gets a free pass on his poor choices in the associates and comrades department. Maybe that's Hope and Change. At least that's progress.

Is Van Jones Out Of Our Life?

Was this a Victory for the Us the Patriots. How this guy ever got so far as to be appointed by the Obama Administration with his radical communist background…which he made No effort to hide all these years - there was little to no effort made to “dig” up his beliefs, including signing the 911 Truther document that he now conveniently “forgets” signing… I feel like I’m watching one of those stupid criminal TV shows where the criminals are so stupid they think the cops will never catch them because they are so “clever”. Does Obama really think the american people are THAT stupid ? never mind......glad the a-hole is gone...how many more can we rid from this corrupt administration?
This country needs to wake up fast. The Obama agenda is fascistic in nature - it matches almost to the letter Hitler's national socialist platform, minus the nationalist component. Check out Jonah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism." The statistics believe in everything of the State, nothing outside the State. That is what we are getting from Obama. I just can't wait for the next scandal to come out of this pathetic White House.
No hes not gone Barack Oobama just will keep him under the radar. You've still got lloyd Holdren et al and they are just as bad. How did their past not get vetted? The answer is Obama Knew everything and he is in complete agreement with him about every facet of his Political views. Thats why the only time Obama distanced himself was with the "Truther" petition. Not a word about his Racist remarks(caught on Video) Or his radical communist views. Obama Agreed with all of it and sooner or later it will come to the forefront I just hope and pray that the Constitution is not in shreds when it does.

Healthcare The Down-Fall Of Obama

After a summer of setbacks, President Barack Obama has a clear road map for salvaging health care reform:
If Obama comes out and tries to sell a watered down version of Reform he will have doomed himself to one term. His lack of Conviction, and his ability to lie and deceive people into believing in what he says will come back to haunt him. People are fed up with the lies and lack of Leadership from his administration ! This President will have done more to harm the Democratic Party than he realizes. He has turned out to be a Wimp, Liar and a LOSER !

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why did the press ignore the Van Jones scandal?

Because he is Obama's clone. They had to ignore it
It would appear that the major press whore organizations still believe they can kill a story by not reporting or misreporting it even though fewer and fewer people rely upon them for the news anymore. As their readership and audiences dwindle and they call those who get their news elsewhere and disagree with them names, who's really being stooopid? Unless the internet can be controlled and talk radio/TV shut down the truth can still. It's hard not to come to the conclusion that America is under attack from within. From within the mainstream press institutions, and from within the Oval office.
This criminal, like the Watergate cover-up? I'm not a lawyer, but it would seem that, at the very least, false advertising or business malpractice lawsuits could be launched against the paid propagandists claiming to "report" the very information they in fact scheme to keep hidden at all costs.

Not a single Democrat "journalist" outraged that the president appointed a card-carrying Marxist? Not one? Not one resignation from the Ministry of Truth after being exposed as shameless co-conspirators in a cover-up involving communists in the White House? Not one?

State-run media just pimps for our new Chavez.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Not In My School, Not To MY Kids.

I have school age children and I will ask for them to either be provided with alternative activities or I will keep them home from school (which I will insist be counted as present). While Liberals (or are they now Progressives) rage that "what could be wrong with telling kids to do well in school....." That is NOT the point. It is inappropriate for the President to address ALL schoolchildren across the nation with a nationally orchestrated speech including follow up lesson plans. The DOE stepped in it big when they tried to slide in a lesson plan that had students "write letters telling how you can support the President". Even if they have rethought that little doozy it is too late. PS DOE - you got caught!

Can someone please grab the hook and get this guy away from a teleprompter.

My children listen to me discuss politics and they have been taught by me that I "disagrees with President Obama, did not vote for President Obama, but he is our President and he deserves our respect". I know....I am horrid. I disagree with the President on just about every issue.

For the record I am not: a racist, bigot, or KKK member, but go ahead and call me that. I really don't give a rats azz..

Tell me that I'm stupid and too partisan to see both sides of an issue or that I'm too wealthy and greedy - or that I'm living off the largess of the working class .

Why am I vilified by Liberals/Progresives for disagreeing....I am an American too!

There is no compromise

Obama is the token of the aristocracy. His regime has in its own actions ordered the poisoning of the wells of America inducing slow death of LIBERTY.

Blinders of advanced digital communications fuel altered perceptions of our children. Thereby feeding goals set in motion under current and past leadership in America. This war to control the Labors of mankind extracting monetary benefit to fuel authority of Government is what steals FREEDOM.

Our only chance to save AMERICA, is a fight;

There is no compromise

I have to agree Obama is a token of the super elites. The Pay Off was and is still taking place. The Power of Kings functions best when bended knee Socialists are driven, and bow to authority.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Liberals taught us well/

The American people RESPECT the OVAL Office, but they do NOT have ANY respect for the man occupying it right now - know the difference liberals/progressives.

RESPECT has to be EARNED, it is NOT dispense freely like candy; he has not earned respect of the American people; in fact many now have finally awakened from their love fest with him last year. They've found out all he had given them was promises with EXPIRATION.

The Liberals have taught us well. They paved to way to calling the President names and drawing disgustion pictures of him and his family. The acted as if he were the enemy.

To be called racist or bigot nowadays don't have an ounce of impact; people wear it now as a badge of HONOR, not something to make them feel defensive anymore or argue with an individual who called them racist or bigot. It has lost its meaning - that's what happen when stupid people use those words carelessly. When you start calling people racist or bigot, you're showing your OWN BRAND OF RACISM AND BIGOTRY. It's a known fact, the most hateful people are liberals and progressive; if they don't get their way, expect them to call you all kinds of name. What you can do is laugh it off; raise your arm on eye level, palm facing towards you, make a fist, and slowly extend your middle finger - hopefully they'll get the message if they're not dense.